Pattern Puzzle Continued

Thank you Studio Faro for the comments you made on my last post regarding the curved seam draped dress.  Spurred on by your encouragement I have made another toile.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First of all though I should show you the back of the dress.  This is made with my usual block which gives a good fit.  The fabric I used is a very lightweight cotton (from Ikea), much lighter than the usual calico.  I haven’t made the alteration to the central seam as yet.  Also I haven’t added the back vent. This photo was taken with toile 2 (from my previous post)

I started again with the front of the dress and redrafted the curve to end higher on my hip. I also dropped my arm hole by 1.5cm but didn’t add the cap sleeves.  I am never sure that cap sleeves suit me and I will probably wear this dress with a jumper underneath so I think a sleeveless style will be more flattering.

Toile 3

Toile 3

You will see that the dress itself it much more flattering, I have managed to get rid of the excess at the waist and the pleats are more evenly spread. The armholes still need some work though!  The front here is attached to original back with the cap sleeves so it will look a bit odd.  I probably need to make the curve of the armhole a bit deeper and shorten the shoulder seams.


3 thoughts on “Pattern Puzzle Continued

  1. It is very hard to judge in a woven when it is meant for a jersey fabric. I can see it is a lot better now, but I have two suggestions. I would consider starting the front curve under the fullness of the bust, so that it “cups” the breast rather than cutting across it. Also the effect at the upper chest is not that great. Could you take a little fullness out at CF and also deepen the armhole so the whole thing sits fairly flat? Hope this helps.

  2. I think you’ve made some great progress with this! The fit at the waist looks good, as do the pleats. I think you’re right, in concentrating on the fit in the upper torso. you’re so close to having this fit perfectly.

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