2013 Successes and Failures

Let’s start with the not so good stuff and then move on to the successes so I finish on a high.

1) Finding the time to sew or blog. It was ok in the early part of the year but since starting at Barclays has been impossible….not sure there is much I can add

2) Repeating a pattern doesn’t always make for success.  So failure number one is my second Tova.  Fabulous fabric (isn’t that always the case) but in fiddling around with the fit I ended up with a boring and rather frumpy dress.  Failure number two is my second Suzy pant, again fabulous fabric – I used purple silk velvet – but where as Suzy number one is quite slinky, number two just makes my hips look enormous.  So bad I haven’t even blogged it.

3) I still have a problem with tops.  I find this when I am shopping for ready to wear clothes and I find it when I am choosing clothes to make.  I did have a go at drafting my own top but the result was so horrible I didn’t blog about it.  I also tried Gertie’s portrait blouse but should have realised that I will never be interested in wearing something without better sleeves (also I still have problems with the neckline which I’ve never managed to reconcile).

4) Changing my mind about things 1.  My tweed dress – almost a success but not quite.  I did wear it quite a bit last year but this winter it somehow seems too big and not fitted enough.

So moving onto the good stuff:

1)  Changing my mind about things 2.  I have worn V1179 almost to death despite not being sure of it when I first made it.

2)  My overlocker – love, love, love

3) Learning new stuff – the stretch dress I made at Raystitch with the lovely Alice got worn a lot during the summer and I have experimented with several other dresses

4) I can make Jackets – not perfect but I am still proud that I made this and fully intend to make others in the future

5) Suzy pant – the first pair are fabulous……….

So there it is my year in a nutshell. Looking at my goals for 2013 I did manage most of them my main regret is not managing to do more knitting.  Will try harder in 2014!