Burda August 2012

This is an anniversary for me as the first Burda magazine I bought when I picked up sewing was August 2011 so that means I have now been sewing for a full year.

Dress 121

Skirt 135

I like this edition, it has a number of simple classics which I can imagine wearing a lot.  My favourite section is called Clear Choice; I suspect part of me is drawn to the bright colours but some of the shapes are also great.  Dress 121 is perhaps my favourite and would be useful for work, but I also think skirt 135 with it’s big pockets would be fun for winter (made out of wool and worn with thick tights). If you don’t like the big pockets skirt 134 with it’s tie belt would be equally cosy.

Trousers 139

Blouse 109

There are also a couple of nice pieces in the Vintage Section.  Notably some very classic trousers (139) which also come as bermudas (138). Of course it helps that the model appears to have extraordinarily long legs so they may not look quite as good on a real person. I have a phobia about fitting trousers having tried Colette’s Jasmine and given up after the 5th toile, but these are so classic I might have another go.  I also liked blouse 109 which has zips along the wrists.

Tunic 114 and skirt 111B

Dress 102

I must admit to being slightly irritated by the overuse of the word vintage (and being a pedant I don’t like the inaccurate way it’s often used), this magazine not only has a Vintage section but also a Retro section so it scores double in the irritation stakes.  Grumpy old woman aside there are a couple of good outfits for days when you are feeling very ladylike!  Dress 102 is pretty and I love the fabric they have used on skirt 111B.   The same outfit is shown in the Clear and Bright section made up in yellow without the lace colour.  I love the way Burda uses different fabrics and colours to show a pattern’s potential.  Personally, I am not sure about peplums, I know it’s fashionable at the moment but having looked at people walking around in peplums I can’t decide whether it’s a good look or just slightly odd.

There are lots of other good patterns in this issue; a  nice cape, a couple of good coats and some good outfits in the plus section.  Nothing flashy but all very classic and wearable.


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