Blue Peter Pattern Making

I often find that bodices don’t fit me very well due to my wide shoulders, low slung armpits and slightly larger than normal bust.  Fitting books almost always talk about bust adjustments but rarely about other adjustments needed around the shoulder area.  Recently, however, I came across “Fitting and Pattern Alteration” which is a very comprehensive book talking you through every possible fitting issue you could come across and giving you several techniques for resolving them.

For a first attempt I decided to down load the Scout Woven Tee pattern.  I could do with some casual tops and as this is a simple pattern with a very relaxed fit I thought I could use it to try out some of the techniques.  The pattern is actually a lot more simple than I expected and has no darts or bust shaping of any type.  By comparing it to Dolly and to the shirt I was wearing I could see that the armscye needed lengthening and the shoulders widening.  I wasn’t sure by how much but I made some crude guesses and put an additional 3cm into the armscye and 2.5cm across the shoulders.  I think these alterations will be much larger than I actually need and if that is the case I can reduce them later.

I chose to use the slash method of alteration which involved a lot of Blue Peter style gluing.  The next step is to make up the top – I have a pretty floral print which cost me next to nothing so if it doesn’t work out all will not be lost!

3 cm added in across the front avoiding changes to the neckline, plus pivot alteration for broad shoulders

3cm added across the back plus a pivot alteration for my broad shoulders

3cm added into the top of the sleeve


2 thoughts on “Blue Peter Pattern Making

  1. Oh cool, I am very much looking forward to hearing how you get on with sewing up the top. I still haven’t got around to sewing up the pants I’ve altered with its help….. Very interesting book for sure and it hasn’t been back on the shelf since I got it!

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