Pattern Runway – Easy Kimono Dress

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was trying the Scout Woven Tee pattern from Gainline studios. I spent an enjoyable morning altering the pattern to fit me and making up a toile. The good news was that after a bit of jiggling around (mainly taking out some of the adjustments I had thought would be necessary) the toile fitted me, the bad news was that it looked hideous on me. I should have realised before I started that an unfitted top with very little structure was going to hang like a sack on me, no matter how nice it looked on all the other people who made it.

After a set back it’s always good to try something simple to get your confidence back and I thought the Easy Kimono Dress (clue in the name) would be a good place to start. I downloaded the pattern, stuck all the pieces together with glue (I know it says to tape them but I think glue gives a neater finish) and cut it out. A quick trip to Cloth House in Berwick Street yielded some duck egg blue poplin and after an afternoon’s sewing I had a new dress!

The pattern really is very simple, I based the size on my hip measurement; the top is loose and the waist elasticated so there are no fitting issues to deal with. The dress is very comfortable and easy to wear, if I can find the right cardigan or jacket I can see myself wearing it quite a bit. The poplin I used makes it look quite casual but a different fabric would give it a smarter look.

This dress was a sort of trial as I want to use the same pattern to make a dress out of some Marc Jacob’s crepe-de-chine I bought on eBay a few weeks ago. The fabric will need lining so I will have to make a trip to Goldhawk Road before I attempt it. It will be my first attempt at sewing silk so I want to take my time over it and make sure I don’t make any mistakes.


8 thoughts on “Pattern Runway – Easy Kimono Dress

  1. I’m with you on the glue versus tape issue – not only is it a neater finish, but if the pattern gets creased an you want to use it again tape an be very messy to iron. The dress looks great.

  2. You know I hadn’t thought about using glue. Good idea – will try it next time.

    Good dress and sorry to hear the T pattern wasn’t one to wear. Fantastic that it fit though and the alterations process worked in the end – fingers crossed my trou. fit me too!! Am stash diving tomorrow to find the linen for them…

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