Afghan Biscuits

In a fit of domesticity I decided to make Afghan biscuits this week. Those of you not bought up with a New Zealand Mother or a copy of the Edmonds cookery book may not have had a chance to taste these delicious, crumbly little favourites but I assure you they are the best biscuit on the planet! The recipe is very simple; cream together 200g of butter and 75g of sugar, then add 175g of flour, 25g of cocoa powder and 50g of cornflakes.    Put spoonfuls on a greased baking tray and bake for 15 minutes at 180C.  Take out of the oven and cool, then ice with a glace icing made out of 200g of icing sugar a large tablespoon of cocoa powder and a little bit of hot water.   Top with a walnut.

You can tell they are good, there were originally a lot more of them!