Lace (and some Yellow)

Another trend I’ve been admiring on the High Street is lace.  I spotted this tart citron skirt in Anthropologie the other day and am very tempted.    I love the almost neon colour which looks very cheerful, particularly as London is so grey at present.

For some reason everything I have been attracted to this month is yellow.  For example the Karina dress from Reiss which has a fabulous cowl neck and open back and this tweed dress with black piping from Whistles.  Being a pale blonde I’ve never thought of myself as a yellow person but maybe I should give it a try.

Anyway this post is about Lace not Yellow!

Zara have some pretty lace skirts too.  I like the way this one on the left has used the lace to create a picot hem. The skirt on the right comes from Jigsaw and in it’s dark fabric is a bit more understated than the others.

All Saints also has lots of lace, I like this dress, teamed with the jacket which stops it from being too frilly.

Burda had a mint green lace skirt in May’s edition and I’ve seen some lace for sale in some of the fabric shops in Berwick Street (although mainly in whites and creams not in any of the bright colours available in the shops but I suppose you could dye it).

The main thing that is stopping me is that although I love this style I am not sure I would actually get much wear out of it.  Maybe I am becoming too practical in my old age!  What do you think?


May Burda

I’m a bit slow in getting round to this month’s Burda, possibly because although there are a lot of nice patterns, I’m not sure they would actually work for me.


A lot of people have picked out this pleated orange skirt, which is lovely but a bit shorter than I would want to wear. This lace skirt in the same issue is very similar but would possibly be a better length .  I’m not sure I like the styling (or the lace) in the picture but if you look at the line drawings the two skirts are almost identical. 

The clean and simple shape of this dress appealed to me.  I like the way the two pleats at the waist simply balance the wide shoulders.  The top of the dress is made out of leather which is interesting but I don’t think very practical or really something I would wear.

I also liked the use of a-symetric waist detailing on this pair of shorts and this skirt.  I suspect the skirt in particular could be very flattering on someone with a tiny waist.  As could my last choice which was this skirt with the pleated hip detail.

Did you like any of the patterns in this month’s issue, are you going to make any of them?