Christmas Presents

img_0461Look what I got!
It’s a hem marker.  You fill the little cup with chalk powder, adjust the height to where you want your skirt to end, then do a twirl whilst pressing the bulb.  The result is a series of neat white lines on your skirt.

I’ve practised with it once using a skirt that had already been hemmed.  You have to stand quite close which is awkward if you have feet.  The white lines are very clear but I didn’t get them completely straight, probably because I need to stand better.

I think with practice it will work well.  Did you get any sewing related Christmas presents?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. I have wanted something to make hemming easier for a long time. I was not sure about the value of this item, so I will be interested to see if this really proves its worth. Please keep us posted. I got some nice fabric, a pattern and buttons from my “stitching santa”.

  2. That sounds like a great idea, although it looks like it takes up a lot of space for only doing hems, and you’d have thought they’d allow space in the base for your feet. I got a lovely big right angle ruler, so no more dodgy wonky corners for me!!

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