The Drapey Dress

IMG_1321I wasn’t sure whether to blog about this or not. Usually I like the things I make but this one – not so much.

The pattern is the Drapey Dress from the British Sewing Bee book and the fabric is some navy ponte roma I’ve had hanging around for sometime now.

So what is the problem – well it’s a just a weird shape.  Don’t get me wrong I love wearing rather shapeless dresses but this one is just a bit strange and not at all flattering. I think the problem is that there are some strange angles in the pattern which would be better if they were curved out. 

Oddly enough shortly after I finished it an email from StyleArc came in advertising an almost identical dress. I think theirs has a slightly softer line which might be better.

Have you every finished a project and then found you hated it?


10 thoughts on “The Drapey Dress

  1. I blogged this dress a few days ago and the shape on yours does look different. I used quite a thin knit fabric and think that was better for the drape. I still really like your version though and it looks like such a comfortable, warm dress…it can still be worn as a house dress??
    I really want to buy the Style Arc version! Im still trying to justify to myself why I need two patterns that look so similiar but you’re right the lines do look more flattering and the pockets are placed in a much better way.

    • I think you’re right Alice. A bold statement necklace would work a treat. And perhaps bare arms too so that you’re not totally ‘swathed’! You have the perfect figure to carry off this dress but it’s always a sad moment when it personally doesn’t feel right. Hope you can find a way to love it after all your hard work.

  2. I do think it looks pretty good on you although it is not a style I particularly like. But for me the outfit must be right or I never wear it. I know what suits me and I do experiment outside the rules sometimes, but I am always prepared for disappointment.

  3. I did a stripey version not long before Christmas. I wasn’t sure about it, but have worn it a few times and now really like it. I smoothed out some of the angle around the hip area after I had tried it on.

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