The Maker’s Atelier – Summer Coat

imageHave you come across The Makers Atelier? I first came across them at the Selvedge Winter fair last year and was attracted by the simple, stylish shapes made up in neutral colours and fabulous fabrics.  The proprietor is Frances Tobin who runs sewing workshops as well as making up all the patterns.

After seeing them at the fair I must admit I copied Frances’s idea for a silver PU pencil skirt.  As I have also bought some of her patterns I don’t feel too guilty!

The pattern I bought at the winter fair was the Unlined Raw-Edged Coat which can be made up in neoprene or boiled wool (i.e. something with a bit of body which can be left with raw edges).

I had some embossed scuba bought on one of those late night internet shopping expeditions and sitting in the back of my cupboard without a purpose.  Not that I didn’t think the fabric was fabulous just that I didn’t know what to do with it.  Fabric Godmother still has the same fabric for sale but no longer in the Navy.  I’ve also seen it in the fabric shop in Brixton if you are in the area.

If I am being completely honest the fabric is a little too light for the coat, but as it’s a summer coat I’m not sure it really matters that much.

Cutting out the coat took several hours, as usual I was a bit short on fabric (2m rather than 2.3m) plus the pattern pieces are so huge it was difficult to lay it all out on our table.  Eventually I managed it though I think my coat is about 2-3cm shorter than it should be (no problem, I’m a few cm shorter than I should be too!)image

In contrast sewing it up took me about an hour – yes it really is that quick even for a slow coach like me. You will notice that my coat doesn’t have any buttons. This is partly laziness and partly intentional.  I haven’t actually found any buttons or press studs that I like, I’m also worried that the fabric is quite light and might pull, so for now it’s buttonless.

I’d like to make this again but want to use a heavy-weight boiled wool to give the coat more structure.  So far I haven’t found what I am looking for (and boiled wool is quite expensive so I need to be sure it is exactly right).

So my verdict.  I love the shape of the coat and am looking forward to making it up again. Makers Atelier have a good range of stylish patterns now and they are all very simple to make up.  Great for instant gratification but probably a bit too simple for anyone wanting to stretch their sewing skills.


12 thoughts on “The Maker’s Atelier – Summer Coat

  1. Very pretty fabric (I have a feeling I’ve run my fingers over it, someplace, probably Simply Fabrics) Lovely colour too. And the length is perfect (will cover most dresses).

    I too am on the lookout for the right kind of ‘easy sew’ wool so as to make the Tessuti Sydney Jacket which has raw edges. A friend got hers from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham so if I make it through the Christmas traffic I will report back!

  2. I love this coat! It definitely doesn’t look like a quick sew.
    I really like everything about The Maker’s Atelier. I’m really tempted to buy their origami top/dress, it’s exactly my style but their prices did make me gasp a little bit! haha Plus I’ve not seen too many reviews about them around, so wasn’t sure whether to make the investment. You’ve put this coat on my list too! 🙂

  3. I feel the same as megsewing regarding the pattern prices. I do love their styling though, but not sure that they would suit me, so together with the prices have always avoided them.

  4. Coat looks great! I’m about to embark on this over the Xmas break with some fantastic blue felted wool bought at the knitting and stitching show. Bagged a bargain as the stalls were packing up Sunday afternoon! Does the pattern come up large please?

    • That sounds lovely. I must find some felt to make one myself.

      It’s a bit difficult to answer the question about whether the pattern comes up large. It is supposed to be an outsized coat. I would make the size that best matches with your measurements. If it’s bigger than you like you can easily adjust the seams to make it a bit smaller

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