Woven leggings



Woven jacquard leggings and Cos wool dress

This is a story about some trousers I made, using a pattern I traced, from some trousers I bought, after reading a blog post. I then decided they were too wintery for spring weather and didn’t wear them.  This weekend we are in Stockholm for a pre-Christmas break and so their time has come!

About a year ago That’s Not My Age wrote a blog post about leggings and mentioned Winser London.  When I looked at their Website I found that in addition to the ordinary leggings they did something called a Woven legging. Clearly I had to have a pair!  Actually they were so fabulous I had to have two! They are made out of a fabric that looks like twill but has a lot of stretch (strangely all lengthwise none widthwise). They are high waisted and very flattering, also just as comfortable as leggings should be. Somewhere between a trouser and and a legging but definitely not a jegging!

At about the same time I noticed Dragonfly Fabrics were offering this Stretch jacquard fabric which I thought would look great in a pair of trousers.  The odd thing about this fabric is that the stretch is all  along the selvedge not across the grain, perfect for a pair of rubbed off woven leggings.

I’m not sure I got the pattern exactly right, the originals have darts at the back set at an unusual angle and this coupled with the elasticated waistband made it a bit difficult to see exactly how much fabric I needed at the waist.   After a bit of guess work and playing around with the darts I don’t think I have made too bad a fist of it.

These are every bit as comfortable as the originals. I love the subtle pattern of the jacquard (and are you impressed with the pattern matching?) which gives them just the right amount of glamour.

Do you wear leggings? Have you ever rubbed off a garment from something you love?


4 thoughts on “Woven leggings

  1. Nice re-entry make! Hope you enjoy wearing them, and your break in Sweden. It’s certainly a good way to be comfortable and the make some dresses go further when the weather turns cold.

    I avoid leggings because they’re too much like my sportswear but the jeans I mostly wear are so flimsy and unlike proper denim that I might as well be wearing…..(do hide behind the sofa, here comes that terrible word) jeggings.

    • Thank you. Yes they are very warm I know what you mean about jeans being flimsy, in the last few years many shops seem to have abandoned denim in favour of some horribly stretchy fabric.

      If I’m being perfectly honest these are really just narrow trousers with an elastic acted waist but nothing wrong with that!

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