I had thought my blogging days were over.  The last year has been one of upheaval and sadness which has meant dedicating all my time to my family. But we are through that now and I slowly find myself turning back to my old pursuits. 

It started with Ruth at CoreCouture whipping up some of the patterns in Merchant and Mills latest book (a book I bought but couldn’t get inspiration from because of the photography). Then Did You Make That made and ultimate shift dress followed by a drapey dress.  Marianna at Sew2Pro made a very sexy little skirt.  Then I noticed that Roobeedoo‘s knitting continues to be as prolific and beautiful as ever and Carolyn’s style and skill is still an inspiration.

So thank you dear friends you have reminded me why I enjoy making and sharing.  My blogging will probably be as infrequent as ever but I will continue.

10 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Good to have you back. Enjoy your sewing and creativity whenever the notion takes you – stress-free and pleasurable – that’s what you’re aiming for (and maybe a new dress or two!)

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