Christmas Bling!


Today, I bring you a silver skirt made for last night’s Christmas party.

My friend and I recently attended the Selvedge Winter Fair at Chelsea Town Hall, whilst there we admired the rack of samples from the Makers Atelier which included a skirt made out of the same material as this (we also admired the raw edged coat and bought the pattern which will be the subject of a blog post as soon as I get around to sewing the buttons on).

The fabric comes from Ditto, I think I may have had the last metre as it’s no longer on their website, but it is still available in gold.  I was a bit nervous about sewing with PU but actually it’s very straight forward.  Ditto say you can iron it on a cool iron, but I must admit I found it quite difficult to get any reasonable creases (also it was very smelly!).  It has a slightly tacky surface so I found that right sides together I could sew it without any pins.

You will know from my last post that I was uncertain of how to hem it.  Catherine suggested just cutting it, which is how most of the silver skirts you see in the shops are finished, however  I was a bit worried that the fabric might be a bit light.  Alice‘s preferred method was also cutting it but suggested that copydex might work, which in the end was how I finished it.  Applying copydex to the hem of a pencil skirt is not as easy as it sounds and I am not sure it really was the best decision, particularly as I was doing it half an hour before the party started!

The pattern was made up from my block.  As the fabric is very stretchy I made separate waistband pieces for the front and back sections which made it easier to reduce the side seams to get a good fit.

I can’t imagine that I am going to wear this a lot but it was fun and quick to make, and I received several compliments.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Bling!

    • Thank you Catherine, yes it works well as the hem is still slightly stretchy. If I was to do it again I would hem the skirt before making up the back seam (and zip). Doing with the back seam in place made it difficult because it didn’t lie flat.

      Happy New Year

  1. Silver looks just fabulous on you Jane, especially with the vibrant blue blouse. When I made a leather skirt I used glue on the hem, and also to keep the seam allowances open. Worked a treat (can’t remember which brand though).

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