What To Do Next?

Sewing is supposed to be the relaxing part of my life but at the moment I feel as if it’s actually the most stressful – my own fault I have done what I always do and have too many things on the go at once.  So in order of completion:

Finished but not blogged about:

  • Two jersey dresses which my friend Alice of Alice & Co designed
  • Orange trousers made at the end of last summer and copied from another pair of trousers
  • Drapped jersey skirt from pattern runway – lovely skirt – made because I was intrigued by the construction method

Nearly complete to in progress

  • Raw edged coat from the Makers Atelier – just needs buttons and button holes
  • Two more jersey dresses designed by Alice – put aside for the time being because the bamboo jersey I chose to make them with proved to be much stretchier and drapier than I had expected
  • Self drafted cotton sateen dress – actually this one could be called finished, I am just not sure it’s actually that flattering so I have plans to alter it.
  •  Vogue 1179 in orange just waiting for the hems to be completed (bought the thread, lost the thread…..)
  • Vogue 1194 front made – lots of swearing about the pleats – back to do
  • StyleArc Emma dress for work – lots and lots of swearing about the fit – called on my friend who helped sort it out, but now needs sewing up
  • Charlotte skirt cut out but not started

Wanna start and (in a fit of enthusiasm) have bought the fabric

  • Checked shift dress – I even have a pattern for this one
  • Silver pencil skirt for Christmas (but which year?) to be drafted from my block
  • Curved seam dress to be drafted using Studio Faro instructions

Vague ideas

  • Pair of good trousers
  • A jacket

Is this normal or is it just me?


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