Experimenting with the Spiral Dress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a muslin made with my spiral dress pattern – I knocked it up to check the fit works with a woven as well as a jersey fabric.  The answer is yes! although I probably need to make the neckline and armholes slightly deeper.  On this picture you can clearly see the long, single seam line the starts in the top left armhole runs around my body and comes back to the front at about knee level. Marianna, Ruth you are right to compare this to a toilet roll!

Whilst trawling through the internet I found this Rick Owens dress which I suspect is made in a very similar way.

I feel a party dress coming on, know where can I find a nice piece of silk?


2 thoughts on “Experimenting with the Spiral Dress

  1. I suspect it is – there are only so many way to cut a piece of cloth! You might try some little darts at the armhole for a good fit with non stretchy fabric. Biddle Sawyer silks in Berwick St Soho have some lovely patterned pieces at the moment. You could also experiment with some blocks of plain and patterned see my ‘going to church dress’ http://where2wearit.com/2014/03/19/alice-co-in-the-south-pacific/ down near the bottom of the post. I’ve also done a very successful version with long sleeves. HAPPY EASTER sewing.

    • I’ll try that I’m not very happy with the fit around the neck and armholes so some darts may do the trick. I’ll also make my way around to Berwick Street, I think you are right Biddle & Sawyer are probably the answer

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