Lola Dress

ImageThis is the Lola Dress from Victory Patterns. I made it a few weeks ago with some grey sweatshirting from Cloth House in Berwick Street. I’m not actually completely enamoured of it, the style is a bit odd, the upper bodice wants to be a fitted dress but below it has these enormous pockets that give it a very casual look.  What I wanted was a very casual sweatshirt type dress and I am not sure this is actually it.  Having said that I have worn it a lot, mainly to do housework, gardening and general slouching.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI do quite like the pockets, particularly from the back, but Hugo says they make me look like a bag lady.  I think this was the look I was trying (and failing) to get

I also feel the length is a bit strange, it could do with being a tunic rather than a dress.

Have you tried this pattern? Where you happy with the results?


8 thoughts on “Lola Dress

  1. It looks lovely and comfy. I have made it recently and found that I had to take the bodice in *a lot*. The length seemed a bit short on me but I have worn it with almost opaque tights and it was fine. I didn’t have enough fabric for the pockets which I was a bit annoyed about as that was what I really liked about it!

  2. I love this on others, but gave mine up when I was half finished and just looked like a loose potato jacket sad thing! It just isnt for my frame! Have you seening Gillian from Crafting a rainbow? This is cozy looking

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