Great British Sewing Bee

Have you been watching the Great British Sewing Bee?  What do you think of it?

I love that there is sewing on the television and revel in the intricacies of getting the under stitching perfect or managing to put in an invisible zip err…invisibly.  I only wish there were more of this sort of geeky detail, I mean we haven’t seen the inside of any of these clothes yet!

Who do you want to win?  I’d like it to be Chinelo; I love the way she just draws on the fabric with a bit of chalk and then seems to cut out the most amazing designs.

The big question for me though is, why would any one want to watch it if they didn’t sew? I’ve never watched the Great British Bake Off but I can imagine that even if you don’t bake you can at least drool over the cakes.  The clothes made on the GBSB aren’t really that exciting, in fact most of them are really a bit boring.  If I wasn’t a sewer already I don’t think I would start as a result of watching this programme.

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee

  1. I agree Jane with all your observations – what the BBC now should do is start a series of programmes on “how to Sew”. As you say the mass of baking programmes and cookery slots, actually give recipes and show you how to make the dish. What novice sewers need (if my requests to hold classes are to be believed) is to be taught how to insert an invisible zip, how to perfect a dart or indeed how to find your way around a commercial sewing pattern!

  2. I’m so enjoying the Sewing Bee! Even my 10-yr-old daughter can’t wait for the next episode. She finds it very inspirational. I must say, we’re really rooting for David, since he’s the odd one out! Personally, I’d be completely stumped by the high street makeover challenges. I wouldn’t know where to begin. And it’s fascinating to watch Chinelo work. I know several women who were taught to sew without any patterns, and sometime wish that had been my learning curve. I’m always impressed with her skills.

  3. I agree, chinelo to win! Or David? I just think there’s too many projects per episode, like they’re trying to do too much. Not impressed this year sadly…

  4. I’m rooting for Chinelo, patternless sewing is hard, but her stuff fits perfectly.
    Last season the presenter did a quick tutorial on a really simple sewing project, but they seem to have abandoned that slot in Series 2

  5. Agree with all the above but kind pick a favourite: they’re all so brave for being on the show.

    I suspect the reason why these garments are not shown in great detail is because they’re made with such time constraints and not all that pretty. For example, I’d never not finish off seams but if I was on the show, I’d just pink them.

    Maybe these are garments to be shown on a dummy/model, not to be worn over and over.

    • Yes the time factor is the thing I would really struggle with if I was on the show. If you make a small mistake quite early on it’s probably tempting just to leave it so you won’t run out of time finishing the garment

  6. Oh cool I didn’t know the show had returned. I’m going to hope its on you tube already, or somewhere similar. The great british bake off was fantastic and I loved it. I’m a dead keen baker and cook at home so it was right up my alley but hubs watched it too and he doesn’t get into the kitchen much. That being said he isn’t really interested in the Sewing Bee show.

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