Does the world need another V1247?

IMG_0647The answer to this is of course, yes.  I must admit to having made this a few weeks ago (ok, if I’m being truthfully honest before Christmas).  And, yes I know that one of my resolutions for 2014 was to blog more but life gets in the way sometimes……

Anyway enough of the excuses and back to V1247.  This one is made out of cherry red corduroy from Truro Fabrics, it’s quite a lightweight corduroy and the colour is to die for.  I finished the seams as it tells you to do in the pattern using some bias binding made from a piece of fabric sitting in my “spare ⅔ m” box.  It was whilst I was doing this that I realised that I really needed a bias binding foot.  The waistband is finished with a button because I prefer buttons to hooks and eyes.




9 thoughts on “Does the world need another V1247?

  1. I can believe this, I had looked at your blog only 5 mins ago as I thought I had not heard much from you lately and then up popped this item!! We must be in tune with one another. Well the skirt is lovely and will suit you, I know what you mean about button fasteners, some of the metal ones don’t give a smooth finish!! After a recent visit to Brighton and the lovely Ditto Fabrics I looked at their blog and you may be interested in their item sewing a waistband, not that yours isn’t perfect!,😄
    Are you watching the GBSB !

  2. Gorgeous color. I love the way it is finished inside. Lightweight corduroy is almost seasonless. Great job!

  3. Oh I love this and the colour is amazing.

    I’ve been wanting a bias binding foot as well …. because frankly I don’t want to do hong kong finishes without one. Is that too lazy?

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