Charlotte (or does my bum look big in this…..)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love pencil skirts, I love the way they look so smart and demure and yet so sexy and feminine.   I have been eyeing up the Charlotte skirt pattern from By Hand London for sometime. Over Christmas I found the perfect fabric to go with it and decided to treat myself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fabric came from Cloth House in Berwick Street and is a tie dyed denim, my first thought was that it looked a bit All Saints (a couple of years ago) or slightly punkish.  The idea of using this slightly off beat fabric with such a classic design appealed to me.  It’s proved to be soft and supple and so far hasn’t shown any signs of creasing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI coupled the fabric with  a metre of lipstick pink lining fabric I had hanging around, which looks surprisingly good and brings out the pinky, blue design on the fabric.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHugo’s first comment on seeing my new skirt was “I know I’m not supposed to say this, but it does make your bum look big”.  I gave him “the look” and he rapidly back-tracked by saying it was in a Jo-Lo sort of way.  Anyway it doesn’t matter because I love it!.

So this is a skirt I will make again (and again and again).  I can see it as part of a suit for work or added to a bodice for a summer dress. I probably should have taken the time to draft a similar skirt using my block, but I’m not sure I could have got such a good result.

Having said the good stuff, let me balance it with some “could do betters”.  Firstly, there is the small matter of walking.  The pattern itself says you should just sew up the back seam, I took a double take at that one and went to find the Charlotte sew-along.  That’s not much better, it says to leave 4″, 1″ of which will disappear into your hem.  Well I tried 10″ and a 2″ hem and found I couldn’t do more than shuffle, another 2″ and I think I have it right.  Next time I will add a vent to make a neater finish.

Secondly, and I was glad I thought about this before cutting out the material, there is no allowance in the hem area for the pegging that has gone on before.  Had I not realised this I would have ended up with a rather bubbly hem.

Lastly, the pattern asked for 2 ¼ yards of fabric, I realised in advance that this was likely to be too much so I bought a metre and managed to get all the pieces out with a bit to spare.

So, some good and some bad stuff but on the whole another lovely pattern.



16 thoughts on “Charlotte (or does my bum look big in this…..)

  1. Good save, there, Hugo! :\ I’m not familiar with this particular pattern, but I like the fabric and your shoes (!) are TDF. Pencil skirts are always such a flattering silhouette. Here’s to more!

  2. I love the fabric you’ve chosen for this. It looks so great on you especially with the pink lining! It is a beautifully cut pattern. I do agree about the vent and huge overestimate of fabric though!

  3. Hello. Just found your blog and enjoying reading previous blogs. Re. your beautiful checked wool skirt ( Horror story) : I wonder if you could take it apart and remake it with the front turned bottom to top? It depends on whether or not the fabric is as wide all the way down. As the others have said, most people wouldn’t notice, anyway, and we have all done similar things. I once helped a very pregnant friend to make a maternity dress: careful cutting out of minimal purchase of printed corduroy and I cut 2 right fronts instead of 1 right and 1 left. Had to patch the missing piece!

  4. I love this skirt. Fabric is just perfect for it and the lining goes well with it. Can’t understand why they estimated such a lot of fabric. I always buy 1 metre for a pencil skirt and it is always enough.

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