Are you bored of V1247 yet?

If so, don’t read on……..


Vogue 1247 is one of those patterns you see all over the internet. It seems everyone in the sewing world has made it up at one time or another (and in a lot of cases several times).  It’s also perfect for customising; you can see short versions of it, long versions of it, versions without the pockets and superb versions with added decoration

I made it for the first time in 2012 in a cheap, black moleskin.  Several thousand wears later it has got decidedly scruffy; the moleskin has picked up every bit of dust, thread and  little bit of fabric dropping out of the overlocker and clung on to it remorselessly, no amount of brushing, rolling over with sticky tape or cleaning can get it to look nice.

This time I decided I wanted something a bit more colourful, ideally a mustard coloured corduroy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find such a thing so I opted for a mustard coloured velvet from Goldhawk Road.  It’s quite a thick cotton velvet and reasonably stiff.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fabric was too thick to use the prescribed method of Hong Kong finish on the seams, I tried several times but just ended up with an ugly mess.  In the end I just used my serger, but with red thread so it gives it a colourful finish.  Going around those corners was fun and probably something I wouldn’t recommend trying again!

Unfortunately, having, I thought, cured my problem with making bad waistbands.  This one is proof that I still need more practice.  There were two problems; firstly the fabric really is too thick for a waistband, I should have made a double waistband, lining it with something much thinner. Secondly I tried to using some waistband interfacing.  This is a product I’ve been itching to try for a while, the idea is that you iron it on to the waistband and the holes allow you to fold a crisp line along the centre and where the seam allowances should sit. This sounds perfect, except it really was unnecessary with my already too thick fabric to use such a heavy weight piece of interfacing, also it didn’t stick as it should have done and as a result I can feel it having twisted and curled inside the finished waistband.

Unfortunately I didn’t think of this as I was making the skirt and all the seam allowances have now been trimmed down so adding a different waistband may be difficult (also I’m not sure I can be bothered……).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA note about styling.  The picture above shows me wearing my skirt with my smart cashmere jumper.  I thought this would help you see what the skirt actually looks like.  In practice I usually wear it as shown on the right, with my (I’m embarrassed to say) bought, man’s jumper which keeps me lovely and warm in my cold, old house.


11 thoughts on “Are you bored of V1247 yet?

  1. Very cute skirt! I have not tried this pattern. I know what you mean about fabric not taking Hong Kong Seams. Sometimes the fabric may be too thick, but also the fabric may be too malleable and thin and show the bound seams through it. I’m going to look for that waistaband iron on interfacing with the holes, looks like a helpful product.

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  3. What a wonderful cheery color for this beloved skirt pattern! And the skirt interfacing you referenced, I use that in my skirts but only one half of it. I cut it down the middle and fuse one piece of the interfacing to the bottom of the waistband. It gives me the right stability for my waistbands and it lasts longer that way!

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