The ⅔ m club

I’m thinking of starting a club.  The ⅔ m club is for people who have boxes of  of fabric left over because they bought the amount the pattern asked for.    Recently I cut out a dress – ⅔ m left over – and a skirt – ⅔ m left over.

Does anyone else have this problem – what do you do with the bits?

Or are you one of those sensible people who lays out all the pattern pieces and works out exactly how much you are going to need in advance?


17 thoughts on “The ⅔ m club

  1. I am not a sensible lay-it-all-out-beforehand person, and I have a box full of these ridiculous remnants, too. I like G’s comment above, but no schools in my area would take fabric scraps. I just keep them, thinking eventually they’ll come to good use. The sturdier silks and cottons I have found very useful for binding seams in unlined garments, or making facings, pockets or zipper flys.

  2. I don’t shop with a plan, so yes, I end up a lot of extra- usually a dress also may see a matching top! I like the donating idea- I usually bag it and send it to Goodwill.

  3. I keep these little bits. Sometimes I’m later inspired to make a miniskirt or a pair of shorts. Most of the time, though, I cobble together a rough draft of my next big project with the little bits. They get used up quickly!

  4. Yes I have lots of just less than usable length pieces left too. The problem of buying for stash rather then buying for a project.
    I have a friend who quilts and does other crafty stuff for charity, so I have an easy solution for my remnants.

      • Yes, you’re right. I’m not sure how to get around that, apart from laying all the pattern pieces out on your cutting mat to work out how much you actually need before you buy the fabric. Probably impossible if you need to pattern match.

  5. I’ll join! I’ve been keeping loads of big bits of Jersey in the hope of making another of the Burda colour block dresses but it’s not happened yet. Maybe we should have a remnant swap 🙂

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