Christmas Presents

I haven’t had the greatest of luck with specialised sewing machine feet; the first invisible zipper foot I bought for my Toyota turned out to be too light for the job, later I tried a rolled hem foot which proved to be fiddly and did not give a good result. So I felt some scepticism about the binding foot Hugo gave me for Christmas.

IMG_0653For those of you that haven’t seen these they have a sort of double funnel that you use to fold bias binding around fabric which sits in a channel running down the side of the foot. As you sew you feed the binding into the funnel with one hand and guide the fabric into the channel with the other.

IMG_0652It sounds horribly complicated but is actually simpler to use than you would have thought. I haven’t managed to get a completely perfect finish (you tube videos have been a great help) but I have managed to do this.

What did you get for Christmas?  Have you used a binding foot before?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. I have a binding foot. I’m not in love with it. Most of the binding I do involves corners and I can’t get a good result with mine. I’m not sure if this is all operator error, it seems there are different versions , some better than others. I didn’t shell out for a Bernina, but bought a generic. Perhaps that’s it.

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