New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody! Tomorrow we get back to work and after a week of sitting on the sofa, eating mince pies for breakfast and generally leading a life of sloth and indolence, I must admit I am quite looking forward to it. I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions but here are mine (at least my sewing ones)

1) Blog More Often. I’ve found it difficult to find the time over the last few months to do much in the way of blogging and much in the way of sewing. Over Christmas I have been reading Alan Rusbridge’s book Play it Again which is his diary of the year he spent learning to play Chopin’s Ballade no. 1. It is a fascinating book which covers a wide range of subjects but frequently goes back to the theme of how important it is to have hobbies and interests outside work and how they not only enrich your life but also help you to cope with the daily challenges of, in his case, being editor of the Guardian. I can start this one by blogging about the four skirts (yes, four!) I’ve made over the Christmas period.

2) Make Less Skirts Well perhaps not make less skirts, but try something a little more challenging. I have dreams of making jackets and dresses, lots of wool, beautifully lined. Somehow when I am short of time these dreams lose out to quick simple clothes which are fun to make but hardly challenging.

3) Trousers and Other Fitting Challenges According to Sunni fitting is really just about learning to apply a number of techniques. So why do I find it so difficult? I have spent hours reading fitting books, blog posts on fitting and every other resource I can put my hands on but somehow I still find it next to impossible. This year I think I’ll try to focus harder on getting it right. Maybe I need a fitting buddy….

4) Getting the Right Fabric When I analyse my failures most seem to be to do with getting the wrong fabric. For example I made a linen dress last year not thinking about how itchy the linen would be against my shoulders. The jacket that went with it is fine, except I used a lining material which is really a bit too stiff. Neither are unwearable but neither are they as polished as a shop bought garment.

5) More Knitting. This was on last year’s list too…..

6) Finish the UFOs. Off the top of my head – 2013 vintage; one summer skirt, two Summer dresses, 2012 vintage; one cardigan needing some buttons, previous years; one wool dress, another cardigan in need of buttons. I’m sure there is more lurking around and conveniently forgotten for now. The daft thing is that all of these need very little finishing, just an hour or two each and in the mean time they are just taking up valuable space in my sewing cupboard.

Have you got plans for 2014? Any sewing challenges you want to overcome?


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. You definitely need a fitting buddy! It’ll make a world of difference. Sometimes I can see something I want to alter but when moving to pin it it could be challenging so even just having someone there to help you pin something makes life a lot better!

  2. I’ ll be your fitting buddy!!! Maybe we should meet in 2014, since we’re so close geographically.

    Blogging more often is a good resolution. I’ve neglected my blog of late as something strange has happened to my WordPress and I’m too much of a luddite to sort it out.

    I look forward to keeping up with your progress, especially the learning to fit part. As for UFOs? Sometimes they ain’t worth it (or that’s my excuse.)

    And I know what you mean about the life of sloth. I’m thoroughly sick of all this indulgence 🙂

  3. Your number 6 could have been written by me! It puzzles me as to why??? I love the process of buying fabric ( my favourite part) and happily sew along to “almost there” and then get inspired to start something new. I always intend to go back to the UFO, but somehow it always seems like a chore.

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