Completing the Outfit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am inordinately pleased with my new jacket but I really needed something to go with it to complete the outfit. And now I have it! It’s a very simple blue linen dress which I can wear under the jacket for work.


People talk a lot about “work appropriate” clothing on blogs but I’m never completely sure what they mean as different work places have different requirements. I work in the City which means suits and smart dresses, colours tend to be sober, hemlines not too short and cleavages safely tucked away. Having said that there is nothing wrong with a hint of sexiness; high heels and pencil skirts or a jacket cut to show off a slim waist. Comfort is also important, I  hate being bothered by ill-fitting clothes or being too cold. Sleeves are a must, they make wearing a jacket more comfortable, keep you warm and ensure any wobbly bits are safely hidden away. Work wear tends to get worn a lot so I like good quality fabrics that are easy to clean and don’t need expensive dry cleaning every time I wear them. In short I need to look smart, elegant, comfortable and conformist.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn a recent trip to Brighton I found some lovely French Navy linen in Ditto fabrics. Have you ever been to Ditto? It’s the most fabulous little shop selling all sorts of lovely fabrics including some quite unusual pieces. Expect to see more of their wares in future posts! The linen is quite a heavy fabric and has been a joy to sew, absolutely stable and does everything you ask of it. It also goes beautifully with the duck egg linen silk that I used for the jacket.

As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to have a play with my blocks. I started by joining the bodice and skirt together, moving the skirts darts so they sat under the bodice’s and putting in bust darts to take up the excess.


The toile I made was ok but a bit boring. So I then decided to move the bust dart up to the armscye and turn it into a princess seam. It’s not actually a full princess seam because I wanted a plain skirt front. So the dress has long curling darts running from the sleeve seam down the front and stopping at about hip level. The neckline and facings were copied from a simplicity pattern. The skirt was pegged and I used my sleeve block to add three quarter length sleeves with elbow darts.

If I’m being completely honest it is a rather boring dress but it fits me like a dream and I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I did it all myself!


13 thoughts on “Completing the Outfit

  1. looks great. can we see it on you? very pretty colour! i love ditto – they have a great remnants table and the staff are so helpful. i bought some beautiful hydrangea print silk cotton last time i was there for about £8/m.

    • Thank you. No we don’t have casual Fridays unfortunately. When I did work in an office with casual Friday’s I found it bought it’s own set of problems. Most of my weekend clothes were really too casual and I had to buy another wardrobe just to wear on casual Fridays! Of course now I would make my own.

  2. I can’t accept that this is a boring dress; a case of ‘love it’ at first sight for me. It has a lovely shape and since you say it’s from your block I’m sure you look great together.

    I don’t know Brighton at all well but am planning to take the kids there on the train the first sunny day off that we get. What a shame that now I’ve heard of Ditto, they’ll have to traipse round a fabric shop!

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