Making your mind up

Thank you all for your comments on Vogue 1179 formerly known as the “I’m Not Quite Sure Dress“.  I have worn this quite a bit over the last few days with a grey wool sweater I had forgotten I had in the back of my wardrobe.  I always thought it would be the most comfortable dress in the world (it is) and now I have got used to the style I also think it is growing into one of my favourites; I’m even thinking of making another.  I keep catching a glimpse of myself in mirrors and windows and quite enjoying seeing the unusual silhouette. As Catja pointed out it’s the dress that that’s shape not my body.

Also thank you for all your comments on styling.  I’ve decided not to wear it with the belt as I think this is a more sophisticated look and somehow I feel a bit like last year’s teenager with the belt around it; it’s nice to know I have the option however.  In the pictures I am wearing some grey suede ankle boots with a medium heel, I’ve also tried it with some old brown lace up ankle boots which have a low heel which also look great.


2 thoughts on “Making your mind up

  1. Oh good. Its nice to know what garments are like after a few wears, Often I post about my stuff only after wear one, and that often not the full story.

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