The “I’m Not Quite Sure” Dress

AKA Vogue 1179

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis pattern has been around for a while and I’ve seen several versions on the internet; Karen has made it four times, Eugenia has made is three times and Kirsty has made it once. All three expound the comfortable fit, the speed and ease of construction and the stylish look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, I completely agree about the first two. Anything made of knit with no waistband is going to feel like wearing pj’s in the middle of the day. As for construction – the dress only has three pieces and there’s not much required in the way of fitting so, rather like the other DKNY dress V1250, it can be put together in an afternoon.  Having said that I did have a bit of an issue putting elastic around the armholes and one has ended up slightly stretched out of shape.  I also made a bit of a mess of attaching the collar and had to correct it with some (pretty dodgy) top stitching.  Someone with a bit more experience in sewing knits would have managed to avoid these issues  – I’ll know what to do next time.

The main problem I have is with the style. I can’t decide whether it is casually elegant or just makes me look like a sack of potatoes. I like the fit around the shoulders and back which I think is quite flattering, however, there is a lot of fabric hanging from the bust which sort of billows out.  A belt helps a bit, but I’m not really convinced. I’m hoping that its going to be one of those garments which grows on you once you’ve worked out how to wear it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m also having a cardigan quandary; I feel the cold and really need to work out a way of wearing it with something warm which doesn’t add to the sack of potatoes problem.  A wool jumper underneath helps.

I should add, the fabric came from fabric godmother and is a lovely heavy weight jersey, perfect for this pattern. I’m trying to get away from my diet of plain fabrics and start wearing a few prints. This is the fourth piece of fabric I’ve ordered from Fabric Godmother and I can recommend their speed of service as well as the quality of the goods.

Have any of you made this dress? Has it become a well loved and much worn garment or does it lurk in the back of your wardrobe reminding you that you don’t always get it right?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


11 thoughts on “The “I’m Not Quite Sure” Dress

  1. I’ve made this dress up, too, and although it’s comfortable, I share your indifference about it’s silhouette and style. My first version is in my DD1’s closet, and she looks good in it and it suits her. Me, not so much, and so I’ll be cutting it up to make a shirt, which is something I will hopefully wear more than this dress. Just a thought about your styling, though: I think without the belt looks best because it’s consistent with the idea of the dress. I like your darker-coloured version.

  2. i wonder if you perhaps need a lighter weight jersey so it doesn’t poof out at the front? it looks good from the side and the back. karen’s and the pattern pic both look quite drapey. but i think it is your kind of style – maybe worth another try? also i think it might benefit from more casual styling – leggings and boots ot flats rather than heels?

  3. I like it with the belt, but my first thought was maybe wear a lighter colour layer underneath? I think the point about the fabric weight is very insightful too. I haven’t made this one myself though!

  4. I don’t know, I rather like this dress! I like that flowing silhouette! I think maybe people are too nervous that they look as if their body is really the shape of the dress. Don’t worry, we know, it’s just the dress! I think it’s quite fun. I wonder if you made it up in a much lighter fabric, if it would drape more in the front, downwards instead of staying more outwards.

  5. It does look a bit sack-like. I wonder if its a combination of the weight of the knit and the busy print that it hiding those vertical drape lines you can see in the red dress on the pattern envelope. I like it better with the belt. its such a great print that I hope you find a way to wear it that makes you happy.

  6. I have this dress and although I know its not that flattering I DO like wearing it. Its so comfortable and easy to wear. Although I am the first normally to want to give a bit of shape and add a belt – please don’t with this dress. It needs to hang loose! Incidentally I didn’t bother with elastic round the sleeves. I knew it might cause problems and they are perfectly OK without.

  7. I like this dress better with the belt. I can’t wear anything like this as it makes me look like stick legs in a tent! Doesn’t help that I’ve nothing much in the way or curves anywhere ….

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