Loving John Lewis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve written elsewhere about the disruption to my sewing mojo caused by moving within London.  Last week I decided I needed to resolve this once and for all so I set about rearranging the furniture in our drawing room and now I have a dedicated sewing space.  My table is in a light and airy position next to the window, it will be a bit chilly in the winter but in the spring sunshine it is a pleasure to work there.

The other cause of my lack of mojo was my overlocker.  I was given a second hand overlocker at Christmas and despite a few initial misgivings have fallen completely in love with it and the easy finish it gives me.  As the overlocker is sitting in Suffolk this has meant that anything I want to make in London has to wait until I get to Suffolk so I can give it the treatment.  I did try bringing the overlocker up to London, but then I had the opposite problem.  Short of lugging the thing backwards and forwards the whole time the only solution was to get a second machine.  This might sound like a huge extravagance (actually it is) but I have a John Lewis credit card and after years of carefully saving up the loyalty vouchers you are given (alternative view – years of over spending on my credit card) I had enough to get a Janome 9200D.  I could, of course, have spend these vouchers on groceries, but where’s the fun in that?

The 9200D is a basic model very similar to the one I already have but has a slightly different threading mechanism.  It came with a DVD which shows all sorts of different ways of using an overlocker  – gathering, rolled hems and so on, which I’ll have to try.

Anyway, no excuse now not to get on with my sewing.  I am still fitting the toile for my jacket and have also made up a dress which I will blog about once I have photos.


2 thoughts on “Loving John Lewis

  1. I would love an extra machine. Great for teaching and when you need to swap threads too often. You can always sell the other one if it becomes a spare. Hurray for John Lewis too: a friend (who doesn’t have a car) had a machine that kept going wrong 3 times and JL collected for repair each time.

    • Yes I feel very lucky to be able to have two machines. John Lewis’s post sales service is great isn’t it. I had a problem with a television I bought from them and not only did they have a record of my purchase (I’d mislaid the receipt) but when I rang to get it repaired for the 3rd time they replaced it.

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