Pattern Magic II

My friend and I have spent the last two Saturdays at the fabulous Morley college completing the Pattern Magic II course.

Over the two days we managed to complete two exercises from the book. The first was an exercise called “fundamentals” where you create a garment replacing dart shaping with style lines. This involved creating a bodice, drawing the style lines onto it, cutting into the various style lines and flattening each piece out to create a pattern and lastly making up a toile using the new pattern pieces. Sounds simple? Well I was extremely glad our tutor, Moni, was on hand to help. I managed to draw up the pattern in the class and took it home to make the toile. Despite marking the pattern with notches and so on, working out which piece went where gave me a serious headache, and that was before I realised how difficult it was going to be sewing around all the tight curves I had made.

The second exercise was called “wearing a balloon” in this you created a bodice with a large collar that expanded and became part of the bodice. The drafting required to do this was probably more difficult than the drafting required for the fundamentals exercise; the book is not always as clear as it might be and I was very glad of Moni’s assistance in guiding us through the process. The final toile is very elegant and now I understand how it was created I am keen to have a go at making one using my own block as a base rather than the tiny Japanese ones we used in the class.

I would definitely recommend this course if you are interested in the Pattern Magic books. It has fired my imagination and given me the confidence to try some of the effects out for myself.


10 thoughts on “Pattern Magic II

    • Well I’ve tried to take some pictures but they haven’t come out well at all. The problem is that we made half toiles for both garments and they need to be out on a dummy of the correct size so you can see them properly. Also the toiles are made out of calico which doesn’t photograph well so you can’t really see the details like the seams.

      So I’m sorry every one you will have to imagine what they look like!

  1. Hi, I’ve not commented before but I feel like I should as I’ve recently explored some of the Pattern Magic books too. A shame we can’t have pictures just yet – would have loved to see your Fundamentals toile as that’s the pattern I attempted! Also a shame not to live near Morley College because that sounds like a fantastic course (I could have done with some gentle guidance at times!!) Hope to see some pictures when you make some garments 🙂

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