Crow Waltzing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few weeks ago I needed a quick project to see me through a barren week, I had just finished a cardigan (well finished the knitting still trying to work out what I am going to do button wise) and had ordered some yarn for my next project but had nothing to knit in the mean time. I happened to be passing Loop (as you do!) and found the pattern for the crow waltz scarf , a couple of hanks of Old Maiden Aunt and I had the perfect filler-in project.

The pattern is for either a rectangular scarf or a triangular shawl, I’m more of a scarf person so I went for that option but decided on using the same brown/purple colour way as the pattern gives for the shawl. Old Maiden Aunt is fabulous stuff, I made a small scarf out of a hank a couple of years ago and during this cold winter it has been my constant companion. My only complaint is that I find it a bit splitty and was constantly having to check my stitch count to ensure I wasn’t adding in stitches by accident. The two colours I used have the fabulous names of Hebridean and Derelict Daughter.

Juju Vail at Loop designed the pattern and chose the colourways; I have often admired her garments in the past. This one has a very pretty lace edge (the crow waltz) a few rows in a simple garter stitch interspersed with an eyelet row and then the bulk of the scarf is knitted in a basket weave stitch using the two colours to produce a lovely soft tweedy texture.

It took rather longer to knit than I had hoped. In part because I kept getting distracted – what with moving and sewing and all the other stuff life has thrown up in the last few weeks I haven’t really had much time for knitting.

I love my scarf, it’s perfect for these cold days (is spring ever going to come?). More details can be found on Ravelry.


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