Eight Pounds!

OK this one my turn into a bit of a rant.

I’ve just been charged eight pounds!

and what I have I been charged it for? Well I ordered some sewing supplies from the States on which I had to pay £5 customs charge, which at 20% is day light robbery enough, but to add insult to injury the Royal Mail charge £8 as a handling fee. Did you know they did that? I didn’t, had I done so I wouldn’t have ordered the goods. This means that my order (for £25) is now costing £38 and increase of more than 50%!!!!!!!!!

So that’s it, never again am I buying anything from outside the UK (………..well until the next time).


9 thoughts on “Eight Pounds!

  1. I knew about the Russian Roulette that is import duty, but £8 surcharge from the Royal Mail? Cheeky bleeps…. they want us to Buy British, then?!

  2. A lot of us companies are happy to mark the value down as under £25 if you ask, which means you don’t get charged. I find that if something comes in an envelope you get away with it but parcels seem to get checked. Agree that the £8 charge is the most annoying bit as there is seemingly no way to avoid paying it

  3. This happened to me when I ordered a couple of Colette patterns (they had a sale). I was miffed, to say the least, as it’s never happened before. Maybe the Royal Mail are stamping on it (pardon the pun) in hard times…

    I wonder if ticking the gift/cadeau box would make the package exempt?

  4. Cheeky bastards indeed. I reckon band together with your local sewing peeps to order stuff en masse. Alternatively go to the US for a sewing supplies recce and holiday. Marvelous idea 🙂

  5. Whenever I order from outside the EU I always automatically tack on about £20 (in my head) to the cost to see roughly what it might cost me if my parcel gets stopped by customs. I often find that it’s better to pay higher UK prices than to take the risk. However, over the years I’ve probably ordered 20 or 30 times from the US and have only had two parcels stopped by customs so my overall savings make it still worthwhile. The 20% charge isn’t a customs charge – it’s the VAT you didn’t pay by buying it outside the EU.

  6. Funnily enough the same thing happened to me yesterday. I bought some silk/cotton from an eBay seller in the US for £15.76 plus £9.75 postage and was shocked when I had to pay the post office £12.78. To make things worse I don’t even like the fabric!! I have now decided to use it as a lining as I cannot bear to waste money like this. There is something to be said for buying fabric in person. For me its all about the feel and touch.

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