I have written before about our potentially fabulous but currently rather gloomy flat.  To while away (another) snowy and miserable day I decided to cheer up our entrance hall by making a new curtain to cover the glass panels in our front door.   The curtain we inherited with the flat was made out of some dubiously thin fabric of some antiquity which was too long so had a knot tied in the middle of it to ensure it didn’t get in the way when you opened the door.  The dust in the fabric made it impossible to tell what the original colour had been but it looked as if it would disintegrate if tried anything as radical as washing it.


Hmmm….as I said the hall gets next to no natural light so is difficult to take photos in.

As the hall gets almost no natural light (and like the rest of the flat is painted grey) I wanted a cheerful fabric  brighten it up.  Evalotta from Ikea (where else) provided the perfect solution.  I used 2.5m of fabric, hemmed each of the sides to hide the selvedge, created a tube in the top to hold the curtain bar and put a hem on the bottom.  A very quick, cheap and satisfying project.

Like the rest of the flat, the hall will only look properly loved once it is painted but in the mean time my curtain does make it look a lot more cheerful.



4 thoughts on “Evalotta

  1. Well done, a weekend well spent (well. what else was there to do? Go out ?! Brrrr). The place must feel more like home with each project.

    You’ve got to love IKEA for their reasonably priced fabrics…. I went to a curtain fabric shop today and found some lovely fabrics, but retailing at £47 to £100 per metre. Don’t think so!

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