Sewing Space

Since moving I feel as if I’ve lost my sewing mojo a bit. The problem is that I haven’t worked out exactly where I’m going to sew and how it’s all going to work. I have space for all my fabric and patterns but they are all in a cupboard rather than in easy to see piles on shelves. My tools and haberdashery are also hidden in various boxes within the cupboard and more difficult to find.

I theory I will have a sewing table, we have earmarked the table but it’s covered in old computing equipment that needs to be disposed of. It’s also in a very dark part of the room and we need to reorganise the furniture so it can sit nearer the window. I’m not sure where the best position will be for the ironing board.

I like things to be neat, tidy and organised. Sewing is a messy enough activity without having a proper workspace. Does anyone else have this problem?


6 thoughts on “Sewing Space

  1. The exact same thing happened to me when we moved just before Christmas, you just have to keep experimenting and seeing what works best. Maybe also investigate some storage solutions for the stuff you can’t see easily – clear boxes, shelf dividers etc. Take your time and the mojo will come back, though I must admit fabric shopping helped speed mine up a bit!

  2. I wish I had that much space! I sew at my dining room table, all my supplies are in bags in a cupboard. Its a hassle to have to set everything up then take it all down every time I want to sew. I have seen some really cool ideas on pinterest for organizing supplies, using one of those plastic book bindings as a bobbin holder, using a paper clip to attach your bobbin to your thread, using one of those toiletry bags that hang up with the see through pockets to organize things in… I save my honey jars to keep small things in. Small mason jars would be nice, you could screw the tops to the bottom of a shelf and have them hang there, I see people do that in garages a lot for small things and space saving.

  3. Moving is awful because you have to figure out how to live in the new walls and spaces. Packing and unpacking is fine but it just takes ages to get everything ship shape and useful again. I totally know how you feel.

    Don’t worry – it’ll come through having to fix it so you can sew again with ease and mess and comfort.

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