Agent Orange

Warning this post contains a lot of orange!

My boyfriend bought our flat a couple of years ago; before I met him. He was attracted by the square Victorian rooms, the high ceilings and the large windows and undoubtedly it has the potential to be a wonderful flat but years of neglect by the previous owners have left it in need of some renovation. Cosmetically, the worst feature is that the entire flat has been painted in various shades of grey ranging from mild depression to downright suicide. Don’t get me wrong, I like grey and as part of a well thought out colour scheme it can look very elegant, but when it’s only grey, and slightly shabby looking grey at that, it’s just miserable. Unfortunately sorting out the non-cosmetic problems in the flat have had to take priority so a couple of years down the line the grey remains and may still be there for a while yet.

In order to cheer up at least one corner of the flat Hugo decided the colour scheme for the small sitting room was going to be orange and grey. He started off by buying a new lamp…


…and then moved on to installing a wood burner with orange tiles surround….


….and then built new dressers and painted them orange….


…and lastly asked me to make some curtains.20130213-121837.jpg20130213-124856.jpg

We chose Gunilla fabric from Ikea. I am a great fan of Ikea fabric, it’s good quality, comes in a range of pretty designs and, best of all, is only £6 a metre.


The windows were all replaced with double glazing last year which means the curtains are only needed to add a cosy feel to the room so I decided to make them very simple and light weight with no lining or inter-lining. I rather like the way the light filters through making them appear cheerful and bright

Curtains aren’t difficult to make, the only problem with them is managing the vast quantity of fabric; these windows are huge and even with simple pencil pleats they took 12m. The most difficult part of the process was finding somewhere to lay them out so I could measure them accurately.

20130213-121959.jpgThere are three more rooms to curtain, two of which have even larger windows and will probably require blinds as well as fully lined and inter-lined curtains.  I also want to replace the cover on that sofa as well, so it looks like I’ll be busy for quite a while.

Incidentally this is my 100th post, the first one was sent out on 21 February 2012, so I’ve almost been blogging for a fully year.  I must admit I did wonder when I started whether I would keep it up, but I find it increasingly enjoyable to record my progress and, in particular, to read all your lovely comments.  Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Agent Orange

  1. Congrats on the 100th post and almost-1-year-blogoversary 🙂 I am an Ikea fabric fan too from my time in Australia, I wish we could get it here in NZ but you reminded me to put in an order with my Sister-in-Law who lives in Melbourne, hehe!

  2. Wow, the flat looks fab. You’re obviously a couple with very good taste 🙂

    And whatever was the person with the 50 Shades of Grey thinking??? If they liked the colour so much, why didn’t they just look out of the window!?

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