New Sewing Patterns for Spring

Vogue has decided to bring a bit of Spring cheer to these wintry days by releasing a new batch of sewing patterns.

My favourite is this dress by Ann Klein (V1338). I bought one of her patterns (V1254) a year or two back but haven’t got around to making it up as yet.  She’s not a designer I know a lot about but the patterns she does for Vogue seem quite classic, elegant and most importantly practical.  This dress would be good for work, it has long sleeves (Catherine pointed out on a recent post that these are a must in cold times!) and being made of jersey will be comfortable to wear and easy to keep looking good.

I also liked Vogue 8773.  There lots of patterns for dresses with cowl necks but this one is particularly useful in that it has sleeve variations (yes, including long sleeves) and two different skirts.  My main grumble about this pattern is that, yet again, there is no lining.  I know not everyone lines their dresses but I think lining makes clothes look more flattering and also makes them more comfortable to wear.

The other dress that caught my eye is V1343 from Tracy Reese. It’s completely impracticable (I don’t like wrap around skirts I always feel I’m having to tug them back into place) but very pretty.


8 thoughts on “New Sewing Patterns for Spring

  1. Hope you get your Vogue patterns through Sew Direct, if not you need to let me know and I will recommend you as a friend!

  2. The top one is great (yes, I’m in jersey mode atm) and the second one is giving me ideas about using denim for the skirt and something blue but more fluid for the top.

    The last one reminds me of opening door early in the morning and not checking the gape in dressing gown 😦

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