Blog Award

The lovely Marianna from Sew2Pro nominated me for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blog award which is very kind of her.  There are so many great blogs out there I feel very honoured that she has thought to do this.  The rules are as follows

1. Thank the person who nominated you. – Thank you Marianna

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award /The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post. – Done

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

– I was born in New Zealand but have lived in the UK since I was a baby.  In 2008 I went back to work in NZ and for the first time really got to know my wider family.  I now feel at home in both countries but prefer the opportunities available in the UK, having said that I miss NZ a lot and wish it wasn’t quite so far and so expensive to get to!

– My Mother and Grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 7 or 8, I spent a couple of years making a teddy but then gave up.  When I was 17 I found a pattern in The Times for a large sloppy sweater made out of some sort of yarn which included quite a lot of mohair.  I wanted to alter the pattern and so my Mother suggested I ask one of her friends to help, she not only helped me but retaught me to knit the continental style (she’s Swedish so we call it Viking Style) and became one of my closest friends in the process.  I don’t think there has been a time since then that I haven’t had something on my needles.

– I currently live a very complicated life alternating between my lovely house in Suffolk, a tiny flat on the Isle of Dogs I use when I am working and my boyfriend’s flat in Beckenham. I have sewing and knitting projects in all three but something always seems to have been left in the wrong place

– We enjoy cycling a lot and keep mountain bikes in Suffolk for cycling in Rendlesham Forest.  I have also recently bought myself a road bike for use in London (love Boris bikes but they don’t go as far as Beckenham).  My boyfriend has some funny ideas about taking the new bike up very steep hills – this isn’t going to happen.

– I now have four sewing machines (if you include the overlocker) but what I really want is a new one that will thread itself (bad eyesight) and just cope with whatever fabrics you throw at it – am I dreaming?

– I’m a bit of a perfectionist and find it easy to get put off if I think a project is not going terribly well (currently writing this blog post rather than putting sleeves in my new dress).  Unfortunately I love starting new projects, a new project is always going to be the shiniest and best, it will sew up like a dream and amaze everyone who sees it.  If I don’t control myself I end up with too many half finished garments sitting around the place.

– My friend (the one who taught me to knit) and I have booked ourselves on the Pattern Magic 2 course at Morley college in March – I can’t wait!

4. Pass the award to 10 nominees.

OK, ‘fess up time, I spend far too much of my life reading blogs and really need to cut down the number I subscribe to.  If I am really pushed though I will just go these (obviously Sew2Pro would also be on this list)

Handmade by Carolyn – A lovely stylish lady who makes incredible clothes

Fehr Trade  – Another incredibly good seamstress I wish I had half her expertise and experience

Jorth – For her sense of humour (also makes lovely stuff)

Calico Stretch – Who has left me lots of very encouraging comments

Catherine Daze – I came to her blog via the Vivienne Westwood Philosophy Skirt which she very cleverly knocked off in 2010.  I think I love everything she makes

Alice – Another stylish lady

SewingJen  – Another one who leaves encouraging comments

Every stitch  – A lovely blogger from NZ

The Sewing Lawyer –  Fabulous clothes

Eugenia – I’m not sure she has blogged recently but I loved the clothes she made when she was blogging

5. Include this set of rules. (Done)

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs. (Will do so)


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