Top 5 Inspiration 2012

Choosing my top 5 places for inspiration is probably the most difficult of all the categories as there are so many options!

Number one probably has to be Burda magazine. I’ve written elsewhere about how much I enjoy it. Burda you don’t always get it right but I still luvs ya!

Number two has to be the pattern making courses I completed at Raystitch. My bodice and skirt blocks are spot on, the trouser block needs a couple of minor adjustments but will be easy to fix. I now just need more time to play with them. Our lovely teacher Alice was fabulous and has given me so many ideas I don’t know where to start!

Number three has to be other bloggers. There are so many stylish women out there making fabulous garments its difficult to chose any to name in person, however if I’m pushed my absolute favourites are Carolyn, Catherine, Jorth and Kate. If the truth be told I spend far too much of my life reading blogs. I’d really like to cut it down but they are so inspiring and fun I’m finding it difficult to wean myself off the habit.

Number four is Pinterest. A fairly recently discovered habit and another one that sucks is hours of my life.

Lastly I love looking in the shops to see what’s available and thinking I could make that! Although if the truth be told its usually I could make that if I could only find the right fabric or the right pattern.


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