Straight out of the box

My new overlocker arrived on Christmas Eve and it’s been sitting in its box calling to me over the holiday.  Today I had a couple of spare hours so I took it out  and set it up for the first time.

The instruction manual said the easiest way to thread it was to tie the new thread to the old and pull through all the loops.  Sounds good, but unfortunately this machine wasn’t threaded when it arrived so I had to do it the hard way.  Actually that’s no bad thing as it helped me get to know what was under the cover and where all the pieces were.  The first couple of threads (loopers) were very fiddly to set up but the upper threads were relatively simple.  I used different colours so I could see the effect each thread had on the final seam – this is an idea I got from Sam’s “serger series”.


All threaded up

Attempt one

Attempt one!

Attempt one was not successful and re-reading the manual I realised I had missed one step in setting up the first looper thread.  Unfortunately they only way I could see to fix it was to remove all the threads and start again.


Attempt two

Attempt two was much better and produced a lovely neat line of stitches.  I had a bit of a play withe the knife and the different stitches before the green thread (looper thread one again) ran out.  So I rethreaded the whole machine again, this time using large spools of white thread that were in the box with the machine.  I am quite pleased with the final result and can’t wait to try it out on an actual garment rather than just an old scrap.



11 thoughts on “Overlocker

  1. Yes it is important to thread in the correct order, but you will find that once threaded you will get used to “knotting and pulling through” all threads although you will probably need to cut the knot as you get to the needle eye and thread it as the knot does not like going through. Otherwise very straightforwards , and you will enjoy all the neatening it does,

  2. When I got my overlocker I ended up having to thread it properly and its probably the best thing. It gave me the confidence to just get on with it and I love it now. I’ve a Janome too – great little work horse it is too.

    Have fun making stuff!

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