Joel & Sons

Today I went to Joel & Sons, a fabric shop just off the Edgeware Road. A couple of people have told me about this shop and said even if I didn’t want to buy anything it was worth visiting just to see what they had available.

Well, it is an amazing shop packed to the rafters with the most beautiful fabrics you can imagine. In the window they had a dark burgundy dress with a skirt made out of a feathered trim and inside it got a whole lot better. I found out where you can buy silk digital prints in London, wool crepes, double crepes, twills and stretch wools in every colour under the sun and a huge selection of wool jerseys, trims, buttons and lace. It made me feel quite dizzy!

I decided to buy some wool tweed to make a pair of trousers with. at first I chose a very pretty mauve-grey herringbone but wasn’t sure about the shade which was a bit pale. I asked one of the assistants who couldn’t have been more helpful. He pulled out numerous bolts of fabric at around the price mark I wanted to pay (this place isn’t cheap I did spot some gorgeous cashmere at ¬£300 a metre) and ended up with some cinnamon plaid with a blue-green and mustard stripe running through it. He then helped me chose some matching mustard lining. When I went to pay the manager told me that Vivienne Westwood is doing plaid trousers with velvet turn ups this year and after searching through his box of scraps he dug out a piece of blue cotton velvet which he said I could have.

Definitely worth another visit!




11 thoughts on “Joel & Sons

  1. Oh when I saw that swatch in the post that came to my inbox, I prayed, before I opened the full blog, that just maybe that was a shop in the US. No such luck. I LOVE that plaid and of what blouse and accessory colors it leaves you open to use. Many years ago I stayed at one of NYC’s elite hotels – the kind with store windows in the lobby. There was a fabulous suit that has stayed with me since. It was a navy and rust tiny herringbone, just a regular cardigan style jacket and straight skirt, lined of course, shown with luggage-colored accessories. Oh, did I want that suit. When I called the lobby to ask about it, I was asked “Would Madame like it sent to her room?” You do not know how I wanted to say “Yes, she would”, but the small part of me that is practical kicked in and I analyzed the cost to me to make a similar suit. I came up with about $300 if I bought top of the line woolens and linings. One small problem – I still want that suit but I have never, ever been able to find a navy and rust tiny herringbone light-weight wool anywhere. So, the suit remains a dream. I will be anxious to see what you make with this.

  2. Yes, Joel and Sons is where I will spend my lottery win when it happens, probably on Italian silks. Great colours in your tweed, are you doing the velvet turn ups?

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