October Burda

Usually I try to write my post about the month’s Burda earlier than this but I’ve been so busy this is the first opportunity I’ve had. So far I’ve only seen one other review for October which is a bit surprising and maybe because other bloggers, like myself, have found this month’s issue a bit boring.

I’ve written before about Burda and how it can be good one month and not so good another month. I don’t really mind this as I’m so slow about getting round to sewing anything not to adding to the list of things I’d like to make is a positive benefit! Also it’s so cheap it doesn’t really matter if a month or two isn’t so interesting.

So what did I like this month? Firstly this dress/top/tunic (113) which is very simple but made out of lovely fabric (of course finding the same lovely fabric is going to be difficult). I like this casual look with the longer dress over straight jeans or thick tights.

Secondly I liked this skirt (124) with the welted pockets. I’m not sure how you can put pockets in like this without there being a seam but it does look very polished. Incidentally lovely fabric again!

And that was about it. The only other garment that caught my eye was this dress (122), mainly because it looks like a simple block made up in green satin. Now I have my bodice and skirt blocks maybe I could make up something like this if I can find some nice material.

Incidentally, I see from the French site that there are references to various articles that I don’t seem to have in my English version. Am I right in thinking that the French version of the magazine may not be identical to the English?


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