Red Dress

Work and life have been getting in the way of sewing (or blogging) these last few weeks. I have barely managed to steal more than a few minutes here and there for any crafty activities.

One project I have been working on is my New Look 6000 dress. You may recognise this, I first made it about 12-18 months ago when there were lots of these sexy little numbers doing the rounds of the Internet. Scruffy Badger hosted a frock fest on her blog and I was taken with the idea of making a dress for work.

It was only the second time I had made a dress  and ambitiously I decided the line it. The fabric is wool crepe from Borovick fabrics in Berwick Street; a lovely drapey fabric which seems to magically lose any creases once it is hung in the cupboard. The lining is pale grey and I made dress guards to sit inside.

I was all prepared to love this dress (as you do when you are making it) but actually it turned out a little bleh. Not a total write off but just a bit boring. I do wear it but when I do I always look in the mirror and criticise it.

Anyway I knew these last couple of weeks weren’t going to give me any time for making a new project so I decided to remodel the dress slightly.

Firstly I pegged the skirt, taking 4.5cm out of each side (that’s 18 cm in total, a huge amount!). Originally it looked quite a-line which was very unflattering and somehow managed to make me look quite wide in the waist. The new shape fixes all that giving a much sleeker line.

Then I removed the buttons from the cuffs. The buttons were lovely but too heavy, I had interfaced the cuffs but in retrospect I should have used a much heavier duty interfacing.

Lastly I added a hook and eye to the collar as per the patterns instructions. What is it about hooks and eyes that make them so fiddly to fit? When I originally made the dress I decided I preferred a drapey collar without the fastening but now I think it looks better with the hook and eye in place. Incidentally I am not completely impressed with the collar on this dress. The pattern does not call for interfacing (probably because there are so many layers) but I think it needs a fairly heavy duty one to stop it from slumping at the front.

All in all I am much happier with the dress now and should get a lot more wear out of it.


10 thoughts on “Red Dress

  1. Well I think it looks a million dollars Jane. What an awesome colour…it totally does your figure and the dress justice. I know what you mean about the floppy collar…it was a surprise to,me too as I expected it to be interfaced. Great that you’ve breathed new life into it by making some subtle ( albeit large) changes…I don’t think you have strayed from the concept of the dress by making your tweaks.

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