Slipping off my chair

I’ve spent all day slipping off my chair. This is the culprit;

Do you remember this skirt?  I made it a few months ago but had all sorts of fitting issues and wasn’t happy with the finish. Today I wore it for the first time in anger and apart from the slipping problem (clearly there are draw backs to using a good quality lining fabric) it held up very well. I felt smart and professional all day. No mean feat when you’ve cycled in to work with your skirt in your ruck sack.


Now I just need to work out how to stay only chair.


4 thoughts on “Slipping off my chair

  1. Gorgeous!
    For a second there I thought you said you cycled into work in that skirt, and I was hoping you wore those heels on the bike too. That would have been seriously stylish (but not comfortable or fast cycling!)

    • No unfortunately this skirt is too tight around the knees for cycling. Actually the only time I tried cycling in heels it would have been fine had I not been wearing the sort of skirt you have to hitch up around your thighs so everyone gets a glimpse of your gusset. Not a good look!

      When I cycle I use a Boris bike (Londoners will understand) which is completely designed for use with ordinary clothes

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