Basic pattern cutting part two

I had my second pattern cutting evening class last week. With my block already made up we spent the evening discussing how it could be used to create a skirt. I had taken in a photo of the Anthropology skirt shown here and we decided to make something similar.

Not the best picture of our toile!

The skirt has an asymmetric yoke, a frill set into the seam below the point of the yoke and some cowling on the side. We only had three hours but managed to produce what I thought was a pretty credible first toile. The cowl needs a bit of work (not really helped by the fact that the toile is made out of a stiff calico) but the rest is reasonably similar to the original

The skirt fitted beautifully but unfortunately it proved that I am never going to suit a skirt with this sort of shaping. I might rework it without the cowl as I liked the rest of the skirt. In particular the frill down the front is fun, I don’t usually wear frills but this one is big enough not to look too girly.

I should probably tell you a bit about Alice the tutor. Alice runs her own dressmaking business designing and making bespoke clothes. She taught herself how to draft patterns and now uses software to create designs based on her customers requirements. I feel very lucky to have such a good tutor. Having spent a bit of time playing with my block I can see that pattern drafting is really quite difficult. The theory is fairly simple, once you have your block there are a limited number of ways you can manipulate it. The difficult bit comes in working out exactly how much you need to add in or take out in order to get a garment that makes sense. Alice has an artistic eye and a huge amount of experience and manages to make it look a lot more simple than I found it.


2 thoughts on “Basic pattern cutting part two

  1. How fabulous, good for you, I love pattern drafting! This is a great style of skirt and I love the frill detail down the front, good luck with the rest of it.

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