October Burda

My last post on Burda has provoked a lot of interest, it seems I am not the only one who likes the magazine.  This month, again, there are a number of things I can imagine making (if I ever have the time!).

First of all there is this ruched t-shirt (114) which has “sewing lesson” instructions.  They have made it up twice.  I’m not sure I like the pastel pairing of it with the full skirt but I can see the potential, particularly with the Missoni type fabric.  The main problem with this pattern might be finding an interesting fine knit to make it out of.

I also like this skirt (121) a lot.  Clean lines but interesting details.  The pockets are slightly unusual, and I wonder if they might gape a bit which could be really very unflattering.  The bronzey coloured skirt is made out of a techno-gabardine.  I’m not sure where you’d get such a fabric but it looks exactly my sort of thing.  The white shirt (122) is nice too, with an unusual collar.

Talking of white shirts.  I like the look of this one (117) with it’s unusual pleat at the neckline. I notice that blouses made a bit like short dresses (i.e. with invisible zips to secure them and with a bit more structure than a traditional blouse) are around a lot this year.

Pattern 118 is a case in point being made into both a dress and a blouse.  This looks to be very similar to 117 but with a cowl neck rather than a pleat.  Both patterns have gathers at the waist line which might make them a bit awkward to tuck into skirts or trousers.

Lastly I liked this jacket (113) which is also made up into a waistcoat.  The jacket, however, has sleeves made out of a knit fabric which makes it look like a layered garment.  I can’t see the point of having sleeveless clothes in winter and this looks like it would be very cosy.  I like the stylish asymmetric front and clean lines, I can imagine using it to smarten up a pair of jeans on a cold day.

Did you enjoy this issue?  Which patterns did you like?


10 thoughts on “October Burda

  1. I can’t say I’m too crazy about the first top with the ruching but I do really like the jacket, the knit sleeves are fun and different. I do have three coats/jackets I want to make for this winter though so I really should narrow down that list already!

  2. I really liked the slim black trousers in this issue. I also thought the white blouse with the unusual collar was a great design but I doubt I’d wear it myself. Certainly another worthwhile issue.

  3. i like the skirt. but i’m never sure about Burda – the things i have made from there never quite turn out as i expect! and the ease is crazy so i’m never sure on the size to do. am sure i will get sucked into to make something again tho – i usually do!

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