Making Life Difficult……

I’m making a second Easy Kimono Dress (Pattern Runway). This one is in a black and white polka dot chiffon from Sew Over It and I’m hoping it will be suitable to wear to work.

This is a really simple pattern but, of course, I decided to make life difficult. Rather than just make a second dress out of lining fabric and sew it into the dress made of the shell fabric I decided to sew the facing pieces on to the lining like this.


To to do this I firstly drew myself some new pieces for the lining and carefully cut them out, only realising once I started to sew them together that I hadn’t added in enough fabric for two sets of seam allowances! Actually this was quite easy to solve and I managed to sew the pieces together with a 0.5cm seam allowance rather than the 1cm I thought I should have.


The next thing was sewing around all those curves and right angles. I just about managed it, it’s not perfect by any means but it will do.

So I now have the lining already to make into the dress. Next time I’m going to make the whole lining out of lining fabric and not bother with facings and so on. They look nice but are far too fiddly for something that’s not going to be seen by anyone other than myself.

It’s a lovely day today so we are going to Kew Gardens for a picnic and the open air cinema in the evening (Grease!).


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