Tracing Patterns


I found this tip in the latest edition of Threads magazine. If you draw over your pattern lines with a wax crayon and then place the pattern over a clean piece of paper and iron, the wax will transfer onto the new paper along with all your pattern markings.

I was keen to try this out so I drew myself a little pattern and transferred it to the brown paper above. The crayon had to be applied quite thickly and as you can see the transferred markings aren’t completely clear, but they are enough to give some guidelines to cut or draw over.

What do you think? Are they accurate enough to use for copying Burda patterns?

Incidentally, I use a similar technique to remove split wax from table cloths (always seems to happen at Christmas). I place some brown paper on the cloth and iron it. The wax transfers to the paper leaving just a small greasy stain which can be washed out.


6 thoughts on “Tracing Patterns

    • That’s a really good point. You and Catherine are obviously of the same mind which makes me think perhaps it wouldn’t work on the Burda pattern sheets.

      Love your top. It doesn’t look nearly so shapeless on you as it does on the pattern picture.

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