O Brother!

My Father has suggested on several occasions that I might like to take my Mother’s old sewing machine; last weekend I finally dug it out and here it is! I learnt to sew on an old Toyota that must have been bought in the early sixties and that is what I expected to find in the bottom of the cupboard this was housed in. I had forgotten that Mum replaced that machine with this newer Brother model shortly after I bought my Toyota in the late ’80s.

I assumed I would need to give it a service (or at least a good clean out) but it actually works perfectly. It has a good sturdy cover which has kept it free of dust and Mum was always good at keeping it clean and well oiled when she used it.

It runs much more smoothly than my Toyota and so far it hasn’t eaten any fabric or just plain refused to go on. The stitches are neat and even, even when sewing over lumpy bits. I need to do another search of the cupboard to find the accessories box as at present I am missing some of the pieces. Fortunately it takes the standard bobbins I use for the Toyota and although the foot is a clip-on one I think I can probably change some of the bits around so it fits the invisible zipper foot I have for my Jones machine.

I was thinking of replacing the Toyota (or at least buying a new machine) at some stage in the future as it can be a bit temperamental and I’m always worried that any fine or delicate fabrics will be snagged. Maybe I don’t need to do that now!


6 thoughts on “O Brother!

    • That is a very good question as it’s not easy to find the answer to. After a bit of investigation I think it’s a VX-1080, but only because I have a handwritten note to that effect, I can’t actually find the model number on the machine

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