I love my Tova dress, it’s extremely comfortable and I have had several compliments when wearing it. I’ve worn it with leggings and on colder days over a t-shirt with jeans and a scarf.

I decided a second dress was definitely needed. For this one I chose some beautiful mauve linen from Cloth House in Berwick Street.  Cloth House always has good linens; I bought the grey, herringbone fabric I used for my first Beignet skirt there.  This fabric has a slightly coarse texture and a loose weave, it’s a very blue colour on one side and a pinker colour on the other giving a subtly mottled texture.

The first problem came when I tried to cut the pattern out. This fabric will just not sit still! I think I managed to cut all the pieces on the grain but I am not sure. The front in particular looks like it’s “on the hu” as we say in Suffolk but, strangely, when I try ironing it it straightens itself out.  This maybe why my front insert isn’t sitting quite straight at the moment (or it may be because of my non-existent top stitching skills).

The second problem is in the fit. I made a toile for the first dress and spent some time getting the fit right. I have noticed that I sometimes get a small crease across my back when wearing it but as it doesn’t feel tight I didn’t think I needed to alter the pattern. This second dress has been cut using exactly the same pieces but feels distinctly tight across my back. The only difference is the type of fabric; the cotton I used for the first dress obviously has more natural give than the linen I am now using. I will try letting out the seam allowances around the arms but the pattern only allowed for 1cm so there isn’t a huge amount to play with.


One thought on “Frustrations

  1. Oh no sorry to hear of your frustations – lovely fabric colours though. I too found that different calicos had different give when I was muslining my trousers. Something you have reminded me to take into account when I cut my black linen version out – thanks!

    Hope the sewing going well though 🙂

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