Wiksten Tova Dress

This is the Tova dress from Wiksten, another internet find. I made it out of some lovely soft denim from a shop on Goldhawk Road. It’s a very comfortable, casual dress and perfect for hot and not-so-hot summer days. The pattern can be shortened to make a top or made this length. I prefer the longer length but would find it a bit short without the leggings. I suspect that lengthening any further could make it look a bit frumpy.

I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern to get it to fit me; 2cm added to the shoulder width, 2 cm added to the armhole depth and 1cm added to the bust. For the most part construction was very simple; sewing the insert into the front pieces was a bit fiddly but I took it slowly and basted each section as I went along and I think ended up with a reasonable result. I’ve often had a problem with inserting sleeve heads in the past but this time they went in very easily.

The pattern instructions were very clear with photos to illustrate each step. The only quibble I would have is that they asked for 3 yards of fabric but I only used 1.7m. Although the fabric wasn’t expensive it’s is frustrating that I have more than a metre left; enough to be irritating but not enough to do anything serious with.

I think I will get a lot of wear out of this dress and now I have adjusted the pattern to fit me I intend to make several others. I have seen some lovely versions on flickr including some made out of flannel which would be gorgeous for winter.


10 thoughts on “Wiksten Tova Dress

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  3. I have shied away from making the dress length so far, but looking at your lovely dress makes me rethink that … I love the idea of it in a nice, comfy flannel.
    Looking forward to see your next, newly fitted one 🙂

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