Red Beignet Skirt

My second beignet! I started this one by redrawing the pattern with all the adjustments I made last time to make it quicker to reuse in future. This pattern is such a classic design that I can see it being used several times again.

The red fabric comes from Ikea and was very cheap. It’s a thickish cotton (as you might expect from a furnishing fabric) and I’m a little worried that it might not be very resilient; it lost some colour during the pre-wash and I suspect may fade further. Having said that it’s such a good colour now I’m more than happy with it and if it does fade it won’t take long to make a new replacement skirt.

The lining is made of floral poplin from Ray Stitch in Islington. I self-covered the buttons (much easier than I had anticipated) and made a bow belt using Tilly’s tutorial. The front and back seams are flat felled which gives a neat appearance to the skirt – I think I’ll do this again next time. As before the most difficult piece was sewing the belt loops. I made them slightly larger than the pattern calls for (in part because my belt is wider) but even so had to fudge the sewing together as I couldn’t get them to work using the pattern instructions.

As you can see I have modelled it on Dolly, one problem I’ve discovered is that she really needs a diaphragm.  I have no problems putting the skirt on myself as I automatically breath in when I put a waistband on, unfortunately for Dolly she doesn’t have this facility which makes doing up the buttons quite difficult!

As with the grey beignet I made a couple of weeks ago I can see this becoming a real favourite and one that will be worn and worn.


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