To Pocket or Not to Pocket

The first Beignet skirt I made was grey linen with an orange lining and because I didn’t want there to be the slightest chance of the orange lining being on show I chose not to add the pockets.  I’m now making a second one out of red cotton with a red floral lining and for this one I included the pockets. What a disaster!

When I first put the skirt on it was fine, the pockets seemed a bit lower than I would want but may be I have short arms.  Two minutes after sitting down I realise the error of my ways.  It seems impossible to move around without the side seams gaping where the pocket entrance is.

Has anyone else had this problem?


12 thoughts on “To Pocket or Not to Pocket

  1. like prttynpnk I prefer not to draw attention to my hips. It’s not just the contrast facings, but if I’ve got pockets sooner or later I’ll put stuff in them, creating a lumpy silhouette. I figure that my hip region has all the lumps it needs without any help at all. I put pockets in clothes when I can envisage needing and wanting to carry stuff in them. Jackets – they need pockets for keys and phones, tailored pants – no,for the above reason. One of the wonders of making your own clothes is that you make them for a unique individual – YOU. When deciding whether to put pockets in a garment you only need to consider whether you want them. I agree that the slice of pocket lining isn’t flattering, but it looks ten times worse when you put something in them!

  2. I’m with you too though i have to have pockets cos else I loose stuff. You know, important stuff like car keys and sunglasses (!). Maybe I need a smaller/bigger purse instead ….

  3. I did this! I made a Beignet with Liberty pockets, which look cute on the hanger, but gape when I’m wearing it. It just looks messy in my opinion. One of these days I’m going to stop grumbling and sew them closed.

    • It’s really difficult to bring yourself to do that when you’ve gone to all the effort of sewing in the pockets in the first place, but in my opinion skirts just aren’t really wearable if the pocket interior gapes.

  4. 1. understitch the pocket bags. Should be possible for this project.
    2. for your next project: use pocket opening facings on in fashion fabric on top of your pocket bags.

  5. This a an old post but i have just had the same problem. Is it because of the type of skirt. The skirt is too fitted to the hips to accommodate that style of side pocket. It seems most skirts with side pockets are looser fitting designs.

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